25/10/12 - Signs of Becoming a Grown Up

Tonight is the Regional Premiere of Skyfall at

Happy James Bond day everyone!

Lucky listener Ed was the latest to make it on the list to attend! What an incredible night that will be!

Also on the show, we got hold of a survey that suggests that you're officially 'old' at the age of 28 and here are some of the reasons why...

- You have no idea what number 1 is in the charts

- You prefer Strictly Come Dancing to X Factor

- You would rather cook yourself than rely on a takeaway

Personally, agree with any of these! I'm still growing up! So we asked you, what are the signs of growing up?

Here are some of your suggestions

I realised I was growing up when I started looking at new clothes and my primary concern was how difficult it would be to iron :-)

When you tell your kids my house my rules they've turned me into my mom!

You start buying air fresheners and household items instead of CDs! 

You know your a grown up when you keep a special stick in the shed especially for stirring paint!

I know I was grown up when I told the kids to turn that music down. It's to loud! Sounded like my mom!  

Sign your a grown up - you start drinking Red Wine instead of alcopops!

When you look forward to getting a new washing machine/vac etc.... Also when you get back from holiday and say 'it's nice to be home!' 

All definite signs of becoming a grown up! Thank you for getting in touch, speak to you bright and early!

Julian & Rachel x

Ed and Rachel