26/02/2013 - Rachel's Fat Cat

Rachel's cat weighs and stone and the vet has advised that her cat needs to slim down. She's thinking of getting a collar that says "Don't feed the cat"

Have you got any tips on slimming down pets?

Hang a fish on a treadmill and turn it on see how long it take him to get it.

Tape it's mouth together! Haha! It will work... but it's a bit cruel ;)

Just don't feed him, let everyone else feed him! 

Don't send him to other people's houses lol

Get him a collar and a tag that says "Do not feed me, you will make me ill". Your local vets should offer free of charge weight clinics so you can maybe get support and help off them.

House arrest???!!

Do a version of a wanted poster! Put it up in your local shop and post flyers through neighbours doors....If you see this cat do not feed him or serve him fish or cat nip ...

Just don't feed him at home, give him lots of fuss & tiny tidbits of something scrummy like bacon so he still comes home let everyone else feed him he won't starve!! x

A stone isn't as bad as one cat I had, named Dink, who was 2 stone! Now that was a big boy and properly misnamed! Trust me, you won't starve Malakai!

My mum used to put butter on our cats feet, stops them from wandering.

I had a cat that weighed 8 kg! He used to go into my neighbours house and barge his cat out of the way and eat his cats food. I put him on a vets recommended diet. He went on to win slimmer of the year at the bet and had a profile and picture board and became a local feline celebrity and ambassador to other fat cats!! 

Maybe put a tag round his neck saying, please don't feed me, I am diabetic. That way, he will still have his street cred but people won't feed him because it's a medical condition, not that he is just fat!!

Type up a note and put it through the letter box of all your neighbours telling them the cat is on a diet on vet's orders and please don't feed him.

Some good tips - seems like a don't feed me collar is a good idea!

We had some visitors in the studio today!

Trish who made 200 cakes from her Have A  Heart collection on her website


Michelle and Beth who sold 50 cakes at Bromsgrove Football Club

Sarah from www.bake180.co.uk who has sold 200 cakes so far.

We're back on Wednesday, with some more lovely guests in the studio for our Have A Heart Appeal week.

If you still want to get baking, get more info here x