26/11/12 - Chris Moose and Lick My Landmark

This morning, we had a catch up with our favourite festive animal from the Frankfurt Market, Mr Chris Moose.

After a miserable weekend of rain and more rain, who better to cheer you up than Mr Chris Moose. The last time we spoke to him, we could barely get a word in because he had a little sing song being the festive spirit he is. 

He wasn't any different this morning and that's why we love him!

Ed & Rachel chat to Chris Moose from the Frankfurt Christmas Market

How many more Christmas song puns can he get through?

He's such an intelligent moose! Next time you walk past give, request a song!

Also, it's a brand new week. This can only mean one thing, Rachel has had a whole weekend of licking, and this time, Walsall, Lichfield and Brownhills get the lick treatment.

You have to have a look at the lastest photos. The Tin Man in Brownhills is my favourite and it sounds like it's Rachel's too...LOL

Rachel Getting A Little Excited About the Tin Man

See you when you wake up on Tuesday, where fingers crossed, the rain stays away!