27/11/12 - Creative Lies We Tell Kids

We've all done it, what creative lies have you told kids to make them behave?

There are a lot of creative kid lies being told in the West Midlands! We've all told this classic...

'If you can hear the ice cream van music, it means they're sold out!'

Haha, cruel and effective, but what other creative lies do we tell kids?

Here are just some of the best and VERY creative suggestions...

My mum used to tell my brother that plaice fillet was whale meat for his dinner so he'd eat fish!

I told my niece that the moon slept on the trampoline where the white circle in the middle is, so she would go in.

We told the kids that salmon was pink chicken to get them to eat fish it worked for years

My uncle used to tell his kids that the ice cream van was the child catcher come to take away naughty children, so when they heard the jingle they used to cower under the table. Genius

My mom use to tell me the Tooth Fairy left the money in her purse when she forgot to leave money under my pillow

I told my sons that the alarm sensors in the house are Santa cam's linked to the north pole watching for good behaviour. They sit very upright and eat nicely at the table for the next 4 weeks at least!

My mom and dad told me that if you eat to many Crunchies it turns your hair ginger! I still don't like them!

My mom told me if I wasn't in bed by 9 then the 9 o'clock horses would come and take me away.

Mum said when its thunder/lightening its Jesus moving his furniture around cause he's not happy bout something.

I don't whether you're all mean, or absolute geniuses! 

What I do know though is that I'll be using some of these!

Thank you for all your texts and tweets this morning. 

Do feel free to carry on the conversation on Facebook or Twitter #lieswetellkids - The kids will manage to work out our secrets soon, it won't hurt to have some more ready to fire at them!

Speak to you tomorrow morning when you wake up!

Ed and Rachel