28/02/2013 - YouTube Tutorials

Prince William has been learning how to change a nappy from watching YouTube videos!

Have you learnt anything from online tutorials?

I learned how 2 cut an inverted bob on my girlfriend on YouTube. 

I'm a medical student and learnt how to do abdominal and respiratory examinations on YouTube! 

Morning me and my friend learned to do the electric slide (its a dance) off an elderly guy who was a line dancer! We now do it to perfection! Ha! 

I learnt how to curl my hair with straighteners!

I used YouTube to show my daughter how to jump hurdles for her athletics club. She volunteered to run for the club and never jumped a hurdle ever and thought she'd give it a go. She won. 

Do the Hustle for Flashmob type dance at my 40th.

I learned to juggle.

I looked  for how to do an Amy whine house style hair do for a 60s theme show I was in, good for 60s makeup tips too! 

My husband used YouTube to do his cravat up on our wedding day and still done it wrong.

Learnt how to make myself look like an idiot, half the videos are of things you wouldn't want other people to see.

Have you seen the tutorial where the girl ends up burning her hair? Not good!!

We've had some more visitors in today.

Millie's Cookies came in to challenge Ed and Rachel to decorate one of their massive message cookies!!

Here's what they came out like -

Ed Decorating Millies Cookie
Rachel decorating cookie

If you want to own one of those cookies, we're opening them up to the highest bidder.

All of the proceeds will go towards our Have A Heart Appeal.

If you want to place your bid, email it to bakeawish@heart.co.uk

We're back on Friday, for our big Appeal Week Finale! x