28/11/2012 - Body Part Band Names

Elbow are playing at the NIA tonight, so we thought we'd have a bit of fun.

A great band yes, but your elbow isn't the most exciting body part for a band is it? You all certainly don't think so, because we asked you 'If you could name a band after a body part what would it be and you come up with some belters...

How about the eustachians?????

Splenic Flecture ! Common Bile Duct! All good band names!

The nymph glands

Aging boy band called Moobs

Retina would Rihinna a run for her money. Or you could have a boy band with a bit of a hospital feel. Ears Nose n Throat

Any band produced by Simon Cowell would be the Sphincters

Young lad like Justin Beeb called KID KNEE. Then you could get two body parts :0)

Thanks for your great suggestions, The Sphincters sound very heavy!

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