29/11/2012 - Health and Safety Christmas

This morning, we read about how health and safety spoiled the Christmas light switch on for Wolverhampton...

He wasn't allowed on stage because health and safety said the big square sponge was too big to make it up the stairs and he couldn't be hoisted on it either! It left lots of people disappointed as spectators couldn't see him at ground level!

It's all gone a bit mad with this health and safety business, so we asked you, if health and safety got a hold of Christmas, how would it change?

Here are some of your hilarious suggestions...

You will not be able to have a real tree in case the needles pierce your skin!

Santa's sleigh is a prime target for health and safety stepping in! No seat belt, open top - asking for problems!

They will stop you leaving xmas presents under tree and say its a fire or trip hazard lol

A ban on mistletoe how dare you transmit diseases

You wont be allowed a tree more than one metre tall! Lights will have to be low voltage and you will have to wear safety gloves when opening prezzies to avoid paper cuts!

Safety goggles for pulling Christmas crackers due to the unpredictability of flying hats and prizes

They'll ban santa from flying his sleigh in case of a fall.

Don't leave a drink for Santa as you should not drink and drive

The tree in Asda Halesowen must have H& S rules cos they have only decorated that 2/3 up, nothing on top part at all!!!

Nobody tell health and safety that Santa works from a great big height! Thanks for your suggestions this morning.

We'll speak to you when you wake up!

Ed and Rachel