30/11/12 - Last Day of Lick My Landmark

It's Friday 30th November, the final day for Rachel to complete her challenge.

The challenge was accepted on 2nd November.

Rachel has to lick 100 West Midlands landmarks in the month of November.

Ed has the final say in what he thinks counts as a landmark.

This is what happened leading up to the last lick on the L-Day...

Lick My Landmark - The Story So Far...

Rachel in a taxi on her way to her last lick99! So close! It's 8.30am, and Rachel has one more lick to complete her challenge. 

She was thrown in a taxi and taken to an unknown location. 

She looked very excited to finally complete her challenge!

Her last lick? On roof of The Cube in Birmingham, where it was freezing cold and spectacular. Here's what happened.