Breakfast Blog: Are Pregnancy Cravings Are Made up

Ed thinks that when your pregnant cravings are just an excuse for women to eat nice thinks!!! So Rachel asked you to help her prove him wrong!

You can listen back here to some of your very unusual cravings: 

Listen Again: Are Pregnancy Cravings Real?

We couldn't quite believe what some of you were admitting to craving on Facebook too:

Louise - My craving was for the smell of dettol 

Veronika - Chips and ice cream

Janine Dennis - Plastic...I used to not just chew but chew and eat plastic

Julie Ball - Mine were the smell of firelighters n pickled onions in custard

Ruth Palmer - Boiled beetroots diped in korma sause and I hate curry

Lana Waters - chewing sponges! we had to buy a pack of cheap saindburys ones every week!

Well i think after that Ed had to admit that he was wrong!