Breakfast Blog: Ways To Control Kids

Kids Play

Ed was really impressed with his friend's sticker chart idea, so we asked how you control your kids.

 We loved your texts suggestions! Here are just a few of our favourites:

• I give the kids "chance" cards on a daily basis. They start with 3 in the morning and get extra for being kind... They then have to "spend" the cards if they want a snack or watch a DVD - Natasha, Stourport.

• I take the Wifi box out with me. It's the only way to control my 14 year old! - Annette, Solihull.

• My friend tells the children that the alarm sensor in the corner of the room goes red when Santa is watching!

• I have a Gold Star Chart. Good = Gold star. Naughty/cheeky = black mark. I still use on them and they're 27, 22 and 17! - Julie, Four Oaks.