Breakfast Blog: A Morning Of Quizes

Ed James & Katy Hill

This morning we were joined by Heart's very own Toby Anstis, and so Ed thought, seeing as both him and Katy Hill used to do children's TV he would give them a little quiz to see if they could remember their TV days. Listen back here if you missed it:

Breakfast Blog: It's Toby Anstis against Katy Hill To See Who Knows More About Children's TV

Also on this morning's show, lots of kids were back to school today, and unfortunately for many they have GCSE or A Level exams. So news reader Rob thought he would test Ed and Katy on their spellings to see if they would be prepared to take an English GCSE. Have a listen back here and play along to see if you can spell the words correctly:

Breakfast Blog: Ed and Katy Get Tested On Their Spellings

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