Embarrassing Partners

Embarrassed Woman

Forty percent of women have something in common. They are all embarrassed by one particular trait of their partner.

We asked you to guess which trait this might be and as always your answers were brilliant - and a bit of an insight into what's going on in your life!

Gill wondered if it was the balding head, so we guess her fella must be follicly challenged, while Kathryn's answer was their breath. Oh dear, she can't wake up to a pleasant smell in the morning!

Of course, the answer was far more broad than those. It turns out forty percent of women are embarrassed by their partner's dress sense. Which we thought was probably a fair thing to say. How many times have you thought "oh... you're wearing THAT?".

So, we thought we'd do a bit of an investigation into how embarrassing clothing can possibly get. To do this, we asked "which one item from your partner's wardrobe would you burn if you had the chance?".

Tracey has attempted to send her husband's favourite Starsky and Hutch cardigan to the charity shop twice, while Ian would love to burn his other half's body shaping pants. Why? He says she's beautiful already. Sweet!

But it gets even more embarrassing than these. Listen to hear Linda spill the beans on her husband's questionable wardrobe choices:

Linda's Embarrassed