Feeling Faint?

The Queen

There was (very quiet) drama when the Queen spoke at the state opening of Parliament. A young boy fainted, but the Queen was a pro and carried on regardless.

That boy will be reminded of that forever! So we wanted to know if you've ever fainted anywhere odd?

It turns out plenty of you feel faint in the most strange of places. Nick fainted at his wedding, just as the vicar congratulated him (not a sign we hope!), while Helen fainted watching Tommy Cooper in Birmingham! He said his famous catchphrase and "just like that" she was gone! (True story!)

Jane fainted through pain once! She slammed her finger in the car door and the pain was so intense she blacked out... with her finger still stuck in the door. OUCH!

But there are even stranger places that some of you have fainted. Listen to hear about a meat auction, a maths class and Egypt!