Heart Breakfast Pie Idol Final

The search is over and the pies are in...

The entries have been incredible. We've had fruit encrusted pastry, mince pie cupcakes and even those filled with enough booze to leave you unfit to drive.

Pie Idol judge Glynn Purnell has a tough, but great job ahead of him as the search of The West Midlands best alternative mince pie comes to an end.

The Winner

The Moment Glynn Purnell Picks Alex

Baked by Alex, aged 10, this promising young boy has thought outside the box by creating an alternative mince pie using a classic desert, the profiterole. It looks professional, and the cold taste that you're not used to when biting into a mince pie really makes it an alternative.

Heart Breakfast Pie Idol Final Gallery Heart Breakfast Pie Idol Final

The Runners Up

Baked by Jane Green from Droitwich, she calls her alternative mince pies Bailey's Fusion. The clue is in the title, not only is it beautifully decorated with a very healthy dollop of sparkling Bailey's infused butter cream, it's also in the mince. It looks like a cupcake, but keeps it's firm outer pastry and we all think it gives you a festive taste thanks to the liquor. Not sure we can drive after though. It looks fab too.

Heart Breakfast Pie Idol Final

Baked by Jen in Sutton Coldfield, this alternative mince pie is based on a bakewell. The presentation is stunning, and it's very light crumbly when bitten into and the almonds on top gave it some texture. Topped off with glitter!

Heart Breakfast Pie Idol Final