Hiding Your Junk


With Rachel off seeing some bands and enjoying the muddy fields of Somerset, Ed was joined by the lovely Katy Hill.

Katy revealed that she's currently trying to sell her house and as such wants to make it look as tidy and beautiful as possible for any viewings. In order to do this, she takes any junk that she doesn't want the potential buyers to see and puts it into the boot of her car! Literally putting her junk in her trunk.

Ed was convinced that this was a "thing" so decided to put it to the test and ask if you have a place that you use to hide anything unsightly in your home.

As usual, you didn't disappoint.

Cheryl likes to hide hers in the oven! While Mike goes a bit more modern and puts his junk in the microwave. Plenty of you seemed to have cupboards and drawers too!

Listen to what might be our poshest listener tell us about her secret hiding place: