Purchase Pressure


You can almost hear the bells ringing. Rachel's wedding is but days away and the final preparations are well under way.

The latest development was Rachel sorting out her matrimonial make up. After the show she popped to a high quality make up shop for a lesson on how to get the best look for the big day.

She had a great time and decided she'd like to purchase quite a lot of the make up that had been used during the lesson. When she was taken to the till she was shocked to see the display flash up with £220!

Rachel could feel the eyes of all the other shoppers and staff on her. It wasn't quiet in that shop! Rather than back out or ask to put some of the make up back, she handed over her card and purchased all the makeup, feeling like she couldn't change her mind after all she'd been through!

So we wanted to know if you've ever felt the pressure of a situation and had to make a purchase because of it.

Claire had a similar experience, she went into a shop for some concealer and came out with a £40 cream to "get rid of the dark circles round her eyes". Months later the circles are still there and the cream is gathering dust!

Listen to this clip to hear of one listener whose experience can even top Rachel's!