Too Much Choice!

thinking students

Ed and Rachel have noticed that something that's supposed to make our lives better is actually becoming massively stressful.

Marketing gurus would have use believe that having lots of choice is a really good thing, but it seems that actually it is making lots of heads hurt in the West Midlands.

Ed went to buy a vacuum cleaner the other day and once he'd decided on the brand he wanted, he then had to choose between about 9 different models. He couldn't make head nor tail of it!

Rachel was infuriated in the supermarket when buying a product to wash her clothes - should she get tablets, "tabs", powers, liquid - the choices were endless.

And it seems they're not alone. Plenty of you have dilemmas when it comes to too much choice. Steve finds the increasing different types of milk difficult while Debbie was confused by the choice in her wardrobe - making an outfit match seemed so difficult.

But Sal had a quandary that many have us have faced when redecorating the house, find out what is was here: