What Did You Go For?

Ed in a hat

Have you ever been out with a specific task and come back with something completely different?

Ed went out to buy his kids some tea and came back with the rather fetching hat you can see above. He loves it but the reaction we've had on social media has been, well, mixed!

So we asked you about your impulse purchases. What did you go for and what did you come back with?

Laura on twitter went to the cash and carry to get some bulk household items and came back with a bulk-size cuddly teddy bear, even though she knew she had nowhere to put it. 

Michelle from Redditch's dad went out to buy a loaf of bread... and came back with a brand new car, while Happy went out to buy a bag of jelly tots and came back with a nice new 23-inch TV!

Listen to this clip to hear more stories of impulse purchases: