Which Has More Bacteria...?


It's not the nicest of facts to find out. But we're glad we know it now!

There is more bacteria in a woman's handbag than there is on a toilet. Yuck!

We called in our scientific friends Dr Julia Lodge and Dr Luke Alderwick from the Institution of Micro-Biology and Infection at the University of Birmingham to put this to the test. We asked them to swab Rachel's handbag to find out just how disgusting it really is.

But with Ed NOT having a handbag (as far as we know!), Julia decided to set up a new element to the experiment!

Breakfast Blog: Bacteria Day One

So which has more bacteria on it; Rachel's handbag or Ed's phone? We'll have the results on Friday's show!

Rachel gets her handbag swabbed!

Ed gets his phone swabbed