16/10/12 - Boy Bakers

Today is World Food Day, and what a day to have the Great British Bake Off Final. Do you think they did that on purpose?

Before we celebrate the boy bakers, we celebrated the day by putting food into song titles!

Here are some of your HILARIOUS suggestions!

The Wind Beneath My Chicken Wings

Hungry Pies

Back for Food

Return of the McDonalds

Men in Black Forest Gateaux

Bagel Come Back

Suspicious Pies

Korma Korma Korma Korma Korma Korma Chamelion

Tikka Chance On Me

Bohemian BAPsody

There were so much more! Thanks for making us hungry this morning!

This evening, it's The Great British Bake Off Final and we want to celebrate the fact that it's an all boy final! Ed didn't think this was right, as he doesn't know any boy bakers and we were intrigued to find out how many of you are there! We put a big shout out to the boy bakers, and it turns out that there are a lot of you in the West Midlands!

Check out these boy baked cakes we had sent in (by text - we wish they were actually sent in though)

Boy Bakers


This one was sent in by in Andy the tattooed trucker. We're not sure what it is, but it don't you just want to eat it!

Boy Bakers


This one was sent in by Sue. Her 21 year old son baked this gorgeous birthday cake! Almost too nice to tuck into!

Boy Bakers


 This one was sent in by another Sue. Her son baked this cute Peppa Pig cake had chocolate inside!


Very impressive boys. I'm very hungry, cake for breakfast I think!

See you in the morning, where we've all made it to the mid-point of the week!

Ed & Rachel x