The death of the love letter?

Rather than put pen to paper and write romantic words to a loved one it seems that we now prefer to use digital media to send our messages of love.

A tiny per cent of women and men have said that they still write love letters but almost 100 per cent of women and men have said they now take to email to send messages of love.

Research found that the favourite way to express love through an email or text was with multiple kisses on the end.

However, Ed and Rachel just couldn't believe that no one sends love letters any more. So wanted to know if any listeners still had or sent any, or what people had kept from their past relationships. 

You can listen back to some of the stories here:

What people have kept from past relationships

Here were some of your texts:

I keep a pair of socks and a hairdryer.

I still have the piece of paper my wife wrote down my number on when we first met 13 years ago! 

I kept my old boyfriends earring and some if his other piercings.

I still have a little necklace that spins and spells 'I love you'. I had it from my first boyfriend at 13 - 43 years ago x.

I have kept all the poems I wrote when I was in previous relationships.

Thanks for all your great calls and texts, our faith in romance has been restored!  

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Ed and Rachel