Ed delves into the depths of Rachel's handbag

Ed found a number of unusual items in Rachel's handbag including a tap measure, a note written in Spanish and even some circular soffit vents! 

This got Ed and Rachel thinking, what strange things have you (or your lady) been carrying round in your handbags, be warned some of these may shock you!

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Whats in a women's handbag?

Here were some of your texts:

Ashes from the funeral directors....and they spilled out...a bit of nanna went all over my trousers...bless her she was a joker.

A rotten banana!

kids teeth.

I'm a door woman and when searching a ladies handbag she had her dead cats whiskers.

I keep the placentas from my 3 childbirths in my bag, they bring me good luck. 

We couldn't quite believe some of the things you all had in your handbags, but they did make us laugh!

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Ed and Rachel