Ed & Rachel's Dad Awards

Sunday June 19th is Father’s day – and to celebrate the hard work that the Dad’s do we’ve decided to award them, with some of our very own, and special, awards.

We did exactly the same thing for all you Mum’s on mother’s day and you can see the awards and winners here.

Over the course of this week, we will be asking you to nominate your dad for one of the awards on this page! We’ll be doing a different award every day and you can find out loads more about the awards here.

Ed & Rachel’s Dad Awards – what more could he ask for?

dad awards

The nominations came in thick and fast for our first dad award. The bad DIY dad award was designed to showcase those dad’s who have really messed up that simple bit of do it yourself!

Here are some of the nominations…

Daddy was putting up some shelves in our caravan with a spirit level but he forgot to make sure the caravan was straight first so when he straightened the caravan the shelves weren’t level. From ebony

My dad Keith deserves the award, he brought a pc desk and nailed it together and it took 2 of them to do it. Jean 

I asked my dad George to help me dig the garden ready to lay a lawn. I hired a digger and he got to work straight away. Within 30 minutes he tipped the digger on its side. He got out and said that’s it he couldn’t do any more and went to walk off leaving me speechless! Emma 

So the bad DIY dad award went to Andy from Hinckley! The dad of one was nominated for the award by his wife Sarah who sent us this message…

“My husband and father of 1 decided to fit an outside tap but managed to plumb it into a gas pipe!”

Well done Andy for winning such a prestigious award!

dad awards

We knew you’d all have brilliant stories about how your dad had embarrassed you and you didn’t disappoint! We asked for your embarrassing tales of how your dad has made you blush like a beetroot!

Here were just some of the nominations…

My dad once ran round our campsite in a luminous mankini while me and my step sister watched in horror as he struck a pose.

Me, my dad and my brothers went to a swimming pool my dad decided to go down the water shoot and he got stuck in there! Jack.

My dad tried to sell me for marbles to boys. I didn't know. 

My dad decided It would be funny to run down the Warwick road at 1am, I tell you he was drunk. He made snow angles in the snow and then decided to fall over in front of a car; the person in the car was my teacher! 

But there was only one dad that this award could go to, and that was to Sarah's dad Joe, who sent in this nomination...

“When I got married nearly 2 years ago, my dad farted all the way down the aisle! It was so embarrassing. We giggle now.”

A huge congratulations to Joe from Marston Green who wins our Embarrassing Dad Award!

dad awards

We asked for your nominations for your talented dads and it seems that the West Midlands has a host of them! So if your dad can sing like Pavarotti and juggle fire whilst riding a uni-cycle then we wanted to know!

Here are some of the nominations that we received…

Rebecca and Amy’s dad can do a brilliant sheep impression. 

Our dad plays guitar in a band, he's a canoe instructor and he does fencing with swords too. Tom, Charlie and Harry

My dad James can do the forward caterpillar! Ellie and Katie

My dad is a retired vicar, who now spends his weekends doing Elvis tributes. Kim

My children’s step dad can do handstands on a chair. His name is Paul Green.

My dad is the best dancer in the world! He can throw some fabulous shapes on the dance floor! He once knocked me out accidently at my own 21st birthday party! Christina

But the winner of the most talented dad award was Fred Brown from Pelsall, whose daughter Abigail nominated him by sending us this message…

“My dad is excellent at knitting and great on the sewing machine though he gets embarrassed if we tell anyone!”

A huge congratulations to Fred for winning this award and a massive thank you to everyone that nominated their dad’s!

dad awards

For this award, we wanted to know the moments that your dad has done something a little bit silly! Perhaps your Dad took you swimming but forgot your costume? Left you outside a shop in your pram? Got your birthday wrong or forgot your name on your wedding day? We wanted you to nominate your dad!

Here are some of the nominations…

My dad broke my hula hoop on holiday when I was 10 but he promised to buy me a new one as soon as we got home. It’s my 21st in 2 weeks and I'm still waiting for my hula hoop! 

I remember when I was bout 9 or 10 and I went to a job with my dad, he was hammering some nails in and I was stood underneath the ladder my dad totally missed the nail and hammered my head and thought it was funny! Emma  

My mom used to go to bingo every Sunday leaving dad to babysit. She came home one night to find he’d broken my bottle and had put a teat on the end of a Guinness bottle. She didn’t speak to him for a week 

My dad forgot my birthday, I wouldn’t mind but it’s the same day as his! 

My hubby sent my 8 yr old daughter to school with a tub of stewed rhubarb instead of her lunchbox. He picked up the wrong box from the fridge! She was not impressed! 

But the winner of the award went to Janice’s dad… Janice sent us this nomination…

“My dad went 2 register my sis birth her name was Claire Louise, but he got there & forgot her name and when he came back her name was Louise Jane! Mom was furious!”

So congratulations on winning the award for the best, Bad Dad Moment!

dad awards

We know that all dads are pretty amazing, however we asked for your nominations telling us why your dad is especially amazing! Does your Dad go above and beyond for his friends and family? We wanted to know how and why.

Here are just some of the nominations for the Amazing Dad Award…

My father is amazing. My beloved husband died suddenly. (He was also brilliant dad) my father was poorly but he came up 2 my house and put in a new cooker my husband had just brought me. He has been wonderful.

My dad was left by my mom for another bloke in the 70's! She also left behind 5 children! Ranging between 4 & 14 years of age! He stood by us, looked after us & raised us well while 'still' working. He basically devoted his life to us. Good on him. I'm Simon, my dad’s Viv. I’m now 45 & well proud of him! 

As a soldier my daddy was commended for bravery whilst working overseas for organising and taking the lead in a rescue party having seen a car with a young family go off a cliff in front of his vehicle. He risked his own life yet the first WE heard of it was when a reporter turned up at the house to get a quote from mum! He is simply that way.

My husband Pete, Dad to Cam & Jamie is a Police Dog Handler and singlehandedly with his dog Stig he held back an angry mob at a violent demonstration. He & Stig also recently subdued a violent man who went on to stab Stig which was very upsetting for Pete. Stig has made a full recovery. I would like to nominate Pete for amazing Dad for his bravery at work. 

However the winner of the Amazing Dad Award was Debby’s dad Tony. Here’s the nomination that Debby sent into us…

“My dad is amazing because he was diagnosed with terminal cancer last yr and we thought we had lost him but he has fought and is now back to playing bowls and running around after his grandchildren, I am so proud of how amazing he is and am grateful for every day spent with him.”

Well done Tony, you truly are an amazing dad! 

A massive thank you, to everyone that nominated their dad for an award and congratulations to those award winners who we've sent out a trophy to!

We'd like to thank http://www.trophymaker.co.uk for supplying us with these fantastic trophies.

Have a fantastic Father's day!