10/10/12 - Fave Daves

Every one knows a Dave, but who is your Fave?

It's all about Dave today, as Mr Cameron is giving his big speech in Birmingham! But what we wanted to know this morning was...who's your fave Dave? Is it David Cameron?

Everyone knows a Dave, it's the rules! Here are some of your Fave Daves...

Fave Dave

We also wanted to know, what speeches have you done or seen that went wrong?

Here are some of your stories...

Ex bro in law gave 40 minute PowerPoint presentation at start of his wife's 40th party!!

Went to a friends wedding and the groom got up to say thanks to his bride and he called her his ex-wifes name!

I was doing a speech I was so nervous I was sick, nice way to say thank you from me!

Thanks for waking up with us!

Ed & Rachel x

Ed and Rachel