Heart Breakfast Battle of the Sexes!

It all started with Ed and Rach trying to answer the long standing argument, "who are the better drivers, men or women?". 


The decision seemed undecided so Barry from FK1 indoor Karting called us up and suggested we find out... on the track!

So Ed and Rach have taken 2 teams of 4 other people to battle it out against each other and settle it once and for all!!


Men v's Women - The driving challenge by Ed and Rachel

What to know who won....

Men V's Women - The driving challenge results by Ed and Rachel


Check out the video and all the pictures!!



To find out more about our racing venue click here 




The challenge isn't over!!


Rach thinks a karting challenge is unfair so has suggested a rematch!

The Cooking Challenge!

So for the next part of the boys v girls challenge we decided to see who are the best in the kitchen!

We took a team of boys and girls with us to Perry Beeches school to find out!



So with the scores 1 - 1 there had to be another challenge...and this time we really raised the bar!

We were invited to Gamecock Barracks in Nuneaton for the ultimate test of fitness in an Army challenge called "Mission Heartbreak".

Although the men won Ed was forced to give up the win as he couldn't complete the challenge!


So the decider was set at Nuvo Bar in Birmingham as a Pub Quiz!

Teams of Men and Women competed and in the end the Women were victorious!!!