The Heart Breakfast ways to impress a man

On Heart Breakfast, Rachel had found online 9 ways to impress a man, which included: 

  1. Fix Him Dinner in Your Best Outfit
  2. Draw Him a Steamy Bath
  3. Say "Thanks"
  4. Initiate a Surprise Smooch
  5. Pack His Lunch
  6. Stock His Kitchen - Before a big game
  7. Give Him Man-Time
  8. Make a Spotify Playlist
  9. Plan a Cool Outing
Now Rachel thought these were pretty lame, and Ed admitted that he would not be impressed with them. So we decided, with some help from you, to put together a list of how to impress a man.
You can listen back to some of your ideas here:
Here are some of texts: 
Take of his shirt after work and walk around in it, but just the shirt!

Take him for a night out - curry, few beers and then Spearmint Rhino!

Tell him you play call of duty.. Simple!
Mow the lawn in your bikini to impress your man, the smell of sweet fresh cut grass works for me!
A special cuddle when you think you have no chance!
Fix his car. 

Now we just hope that some of these ideas will impress our men!

Ed and Rachel