Is It Acceptable To Be Two Hours Late?

Justin Bieber was TWO hours late last night to his own concert at the London O2 Arena, forcing parents to take their children home without seeing their idol!

The Singer didn't arrive on stage until 10.35pm - just before he was due to finish, causing some young fans to fall fast asleep as they waited for the show.

So we decided to see what you had all been late for, and whether you were as bad a Justin Bieber in making his fans late! 

You can listen back to some of your admissions here: 

Listen Again: What Have You Been Late For?

Here were some of your texts: 

Two hours late - as was following the wrong coffin :/

A day late 4 my flight home from Turkey oops - Debbie from Stourbridge 
24 hours late to start training for the army!
Three days late to start a new job. Katrina x