Little Mix's Autobiography

As soon as Heart heard that Little Mix were realising their first autobiography, we knew we had to get our hands on it, so that we could read about their dramatic and eventful lives. 

Luckily for you, we are playing snippets of this soon to be classic on the breakfast show each morning. We are sure you will agree with us, that they have the most interesting lives of any popstar that we've ever heard of before! 

We started off with a deep confession from Jessie...

Little Mix 1

On Tuesday it was day 2 of Little Mix's autobiography on Heart Breakfast and we had another best bit for you. This time Perrie recalls the day she through her dummy away... 

Little Mix 2

On wednesday's clip Jade admitted how important it is to be yourself...

Little Mix 3

On Thursday it was day four of Little Mix's autobiography and Perrie admitted to her bad habits at the dinner table!

Little Mix 4

On Friday Little Mix made a confession about speed dating with Jedward... 

Little Mix 5

We hope you have enjoyed these exciting five instalments of Little Mix's thrilling autobiography! We certainly have!

Ed and Rachel x