Ed & Rachel's Mum Awards

Sunday 3rd of April is mothering Sunday and in celebration of the great work that mums do, we launched Ed and Rachel’s mum awards 2011!

Over the course of the week we asked you to nominate your mum for one the awards below by telling us why your mum truly deserves to win! Every day we gave away a different award, Oops Mum, Talented Mum, Extreme Mum, Cool Mum and finally Amazing Mum…

We'd like to give a HUGE thank you to The Trophy Maker (www.trophymaker.co.uk) for supplying us with the fantastic trophies for the Mum Award Winners!

We had hundereds and hundereds of nominations - and it just goes to show how much your kids really do love you!

Here are all the details about the awards and the winners from the week and listen back to their stories and moment we told them they were our winners - but be warned, the West Midlands most amazing mum award is an emotional one!

Oops Mum!

Ever been in an ‘oops’ situation with your mum? Wish she hadn’t said/done that? Something that’s made you go red in the face? We asked you to let us know and you text in loads!

And we thought the winner of the Oops mum award should go to Patricia Haddock from Brownhills – who was nominated by her daughter Donna. Donna sent us this text:

“I told my mum that I wanted to adopt a dolphin for charity and she told me it was a ridiculous idea because I had no where to keep it!”

Mum Awards

Oops Mum Award

Talented mum!

Does your Mum have the voice of an angel? Can she tap dance whilst speaking fluent German? If she’s got a talent we wanted to know about it!

The winner of most Talented Mum was Michelle Ahern from Chelmsley Wood who won the award for being able to speak words and full sentences backwards!

Mum Awards

Talented Mum Award

Coolest Mum!

Is your mum all over Facebook? Does she listen to lady gaga and have a wardrobe full of clothes you want to steal?!

The winner of Coolest Mum 2011 is Mandy Davies from Burton Upon Trent who was nominated by her son Greg for just being the ultimate ‘cool’ mum! Here’s the text he sent us…

“My mom is a beaut. All my mates fancy her which I hate but she is so kind and always gives us time. She can’t afford it but is giving my brother money for uni by sacrificing and she plays and dances all the time. Even has a boxing ball in the garage and is good at everything. She’s even got a little motorbike to try motox. She is so cool everyone tells us all the time they love her.”

Mum Awards

Cool Mum Award

Extreme Mum!

Is your mum high octane? Does she like deep sea diving and riding motorbikes? Or Just running the odd Marathon?!

Our winner for the Extreme mum award went to the fantastic Alison Howard from Tamworth! She was nominated by her partner who told us that not only is Alison a full time mum and workaholic, She also co-drives his rally car!! She has a full race licence and has won class in championship!! Well done Alison!

Mum Awards

Extreme Mum Award

And finally… The West Midland’s most Amazing Mum!

Does your Mum go above and beyond to help others? Perhaps she’s a tireless fundraiser, or has kept everything together whilst having to deal with crisis? We wanted to know all about her and get her greatness recognised!

We had so many nominations for this award, just proving that all you mum’s are fabulous.

The winner of this award was nominated by her daughter Charlotte, who sent us this text:

“My mom Debbie Lowe dedicated her life (along with my dad) to my diabetic little brother. They provided him with the best life a child could ask for. My bro sadly passed away, & not only is it mothers day on Sunday it would have been my brother’s 21st birthday! I thank her for giving him everything he ever needed.”

A huge congratulations to Debbie, who – when we called her back – made us cry.

Have a listen back to us presenting her with the award here…

Amazing Mum Award