Official Providers to Ed & Rachel

We keep seeing companies being the 'official provider' of things to this year's summer games - and now we have our own!

We keep seeing advertisements from companies that are the 'official provider' of something to this year's Olympic Games - for example the official provider of chocolate, or the official provider of hotels - and we realised that we needed some official providers!

So we asked you to get in touch with us and let us know what you can 'officially provide' Heart Breakfast!

Here are the official and stamped providers to Heart Breakfast with Ed and Rachel... (We don't know what we'll do with some of them!)

Aaron and Awesome Bounce – Official Provider of Bouncy Castles to Heart Breakfast

Dan Massey – Official Chimney Sweep to Heart Breakfast

Big Des – Official Scrap Metal collector to Heart Breakfast

Dwayne – Official Provider of tree and garden maintenance to Heart Breakfast

Sue – Official Child Minder to Heart Breakfast

Chris in Malvern – Official Tractor Driver to Heart Breakfast

Tony at Birmingham Drain Services – the Official Provider of drainage services for Heart Breakfast

Jo at Cake the Most of It – Official Providers of Cake to Heart Breakfast

Keith at Reach 4 the wind is the Official Provider of sailing yachts and sail training for Heart Breakfast

Wayne at Gourmet Fine Foods is the Official Provider of Chicken and Fish to Heart Breakfast

Jeffeina is the Official Provider of Raike massage and counselling to Heart Breakfast (we need it!)

Rainbow Pets and Aquatics are the Official Provider of Fish to Heart Breakfast

Comfort Beds are the Official Provider of Beds to Heart Breakfzzzzzzzzzz…