Project Sports Day!

So it all started on Heart Breakfast with an innocent conversation between Ed and Rachel about Sports days and well this is how it ended.....


A massive thank you to
Prospect Coaches
The West Midlands Fire Service
Glaceau Vitamin Water
Wyndley Leisure Centre Athletics Track
And everybody who called in and offered to help - you're amazing!

Below you can read the daily blog 'as it happened'


Ed's kids were getting ready for theirs and we were all reminiscing about our sports days when we were at school... Egg and spoon races, bean bag tossing, 100m sprints against class mates and the parent race!

But amongst the fond and happy memories came a call from Lisa who told us her daughter's school, Castle Bromwich Infant School, couldn't have a sports day because there was a huge drain in the centre of their playground and they had no sports field. Ed and Rachel immediately called the school and spoke to the Head Teacher Caz to find out more...

Caz agreed that it was awful for the kids but no matter how much they would all like to hold a sports day it just wasn't possible. After all the fun and frolics of the memories shared earlier Ed and Rachel jumped into action and launched PROJECT SPORTS DAY!!


To hold the most fantastic sports day for all the kids of Castle Bromwich school (all 360 of them) and make sure they would make some of the memories to share when they were older!


Where can we hold the sports day? How will we get the kids there? What can we do to make the day even more special?


Our first glimmer of hope came with a call from Charlotte who offered to let us hold the sports day at Wyndley Leisure Centre. The kids could use the track for the races and any other facilities they would need to make the day the best ever!

We couldn't have asked for a better location - check it out here

They can only give us the Centre on Thursday so we really need to get moving to make sure we could pull this off!

By Wednesday we had received a call from Hilary at Barclays Bank who kindly offered to help us out making trophies and medals for all the kids taking part!

We couldn't say thank you enough!

Our next problem was finding a way to get all the kids to their sports day. Finding Coaches to take all 360 kids was proving difficult but with a lot of help from Ed and Rach pleading and the kids..... surley we could manage to pull it off by the big day!?

How can you say no to these!?

This morning Ros from Prospect Coaches got in touch and gave us two 70 seater coaches! We still needed more but then all of Rachel's prayers were answered when she found out West Midlands Fire Service were going to give us another coach plus make an apperance themselves!

All that can hold us back now is the weather but when we heard from ITV's Steve Clamp who was down at the Leisure Centre reporting back it all looked promising!

So it looks like we have done it and we are so grateful to everyone who has helped and so are the kids!!

Thank You!