Rachel's Pants Problem


It's so close. It's the final countdown. It's very nearly Rachel's wedding! Finally, the preparations will be put into practice.

But there's been yet another problem. She's got another dilemma. But, this is the first one involving her nether regions (that she's shared with us anyway).

So, we asked you to help her and it seems many of you were experts in this particular field. A field that is somewhat intimate. The field of underwear.

Rachel really wanted to impress Chris with what seems to be the traditional thing to do. Getting some nice wedding night undies. But - there's a flaw to that plan. While wedding pants are lovely, they are not as functional as spanks for sucking the relevant bits in and making the most of the beautiful wedding dress.

So, as ever, you had all the best advice she could ever need.

Listen to this clip to hear some particularly good advice and another feature of this important decision.