The 10 Facebook Commandments

Ed decided that he wanted to compile the Ten Facebook Commandments with a bit of help from you. 

You can listen back to Heart Breakfast's Ten Facebook Commandments here:

Facebook Commandments

Here are some that just missed out from being on the list: 

Thou shalt not give potty training progress updates about your child. We dont care!
Thou shall not announce deaths on fb! I don't know if I should like or not...
Thou shall not broadcast the affair that your having!!
Thou shalt not give a weekly forcast of what's for Tea and a step by step guide to cooking it!
Thou shall not accept parents as friends, then comment with embarrassing childhood stories on your updates and photos! 
Thou shalt not meet up with said childhood sweetheart and fall in love ( youve been married 25 yrs) and have grown up children 
Now make sure you don't break them!!!

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Ed and Rachel