17/10/12 - The Top 5 Great British Bake Off Innuendos

The Great British Bake Off reaches an end and we've come to the conclusion for the top 5 innuendos heard in the programme.

But before we reveal that, we must tell you about Ed's lazy confession! He drives to his neighbours house! You're thinking that they live far apart, but nope, about 100 yards. 

So we've been asking you, what is the laziest thing you have ever done? 

If you thought Ed was lazy, here are some of your stories!

Being lazy, when I cant be bothered to move from my chair and the dog and cat want feeding I tie notes to their collars saying 'PLEASE FEED ME' or 'I'M HUNGRY' and send the dog to my hubby. Sometimes I put a post it note on the fish tank rather than open the lid to feed them too.

I pretend to be asleep when the little one wakes early so my husband will get up.

I'm part of the lazy gang I phone my mum when I'm In my room and she's in the room next to mine and I ask her to make me a cup of tea.

I text my hubby downstairs on New Years eve to say happy new year as too tiered to stay awake/go down!

I live across the road from Asda but get my shopping delivered every time.

My mates so lazy he married a pregnant woman.

I put the empty biscuit packet back in the cupboard when the bins next to it!!!

I drive not even on minute down my road to the Mcdonalds drive thru. It takes 5 mins to walk it.

AMAZING! Ed doesn't seem so lazy now!

Now, lets take a moments silence for the end of The Great British Bake Off. It's been an emotional journey and the end of innuendos. I'm sure they'll return next year.

The Great British Bake Top 5 Innuendo

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