Turns out men are RUBBISH at dating...

Research has revealed that 53 per cent of men have taken a mate along to a date and told them to stay undercover until they are beckoned to interject.

This isn’t the only trick men are using to escape a date though. Over three quarters of those surveyed said they had set up a fake emergency call before their date in which their friend would ring them and say there had been an emergency after being given the signal that the date is going well.

Ed and Rachel really felt that it was their duty to help these men out, and show them how they should act on a first date. So with your help we compiled 'The 10 Commandments of Dating for Men'.

If you missed it you can listen back here:

10 commandments of dating for men

So men, follow these rules and your all your terrible dating problems should be solved!

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Ed and Rachel