Turns out your a pretty naughty bunch!

Today is world teacher day, and Ed and Rachel were discussing what pranks they did at school! Turns out they were a pretty naughty pair! 

So we thought we'd find out how naughty our listeners were at school, and what pranks you all played!

You can listen back to some of them here:

What pranks did you play at school?

Here were some of your texts:

One of the best I ever saw was a friend threw a prit stick on the ceiling over the teachers desk before he came in class. Then when he was taking register the prit stick fell on to his desk and he totally jumped out of his skin hahaha!

When I was in a maths lesson me and friend used our ink cartridge pens to flick ink up teachers back every time he turned to board. It started off as a white shirt ended up being two tone blue. We got in serious trouble for that. 

Me and my mates used to rub vic vapour rub under our eyes so they would go red and water then say we had bad eyes! Then got sent home with eye infection!

We unscrewed the woodwork classroom door hinges, so that when the school bully kicked the door open, which he always did, it fell down flat into the classroom! Very loudly!!   

Put the bunsen burner on the water tap and sprayed the class!

My friend and I used exlax chocolate in the krispie cakes for the staff meeting ha ha .

Looks like there are no angels here! We are very happy that we didn't have to teach any of your classes! 

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Ed and Rachel