Your pet and your child's personality!

Find out how your pet can effect your child's personality!

According to a survey carried out amongst parents, children with pets are happier, more confident and better behaved than those without.

It found that kids with dogs are rated as being the happiest and healthiest.

The most well behaved children are those with fish.

Children who own birds were rated as being the most intelligent.

So, if you want a child that likes to help other people, maybe you should consider a rabbit or guinea pig – those owning these pets are the most likely to want to become a policeman or fireman.

Apparently, kids with pet rats see themselves as the boffins of all pet owners – a third say their pet has helped make them cleverer!

And children with reptiles are most likely to say their pet has helped them become better at talking to people and are the most likely to have their sights set on becoming Prime Minister. 

So that’s how your pet can affect your child’s personality and potential future! so if you’re thinking about getting a pet, choose wisely!