Calorific Dining

Steve has gone all out with the calories this week. With a trip to Morellis Ice Cream and then TGI's

Morellis Gelato, selfridges, Birmingham

This weeks column is all about indulgence. I know lots of people, me included, are watching the waistline In preparation for the perfect summer body for the impending school holiday break. But I do think the best feeling in the world is treating yourself to something naughty but nice. I have always been a massive fan if ice cream, whether it's a cheeky Mr Whippy from an ice-cream van or a full on tub of Ben and's all good! Morellis is a real treat. I met Debbie who worse in Bullring, Birmingham. judging by her smile this place is clearly one of her favourite treats: " If you’re after real italian gelato, then lok no further than Morellis. Seriously, they are the best!The ice-cream is pure indulgence and so luxurious. They have a large variety of flavours and you can sample before you buy, " she gushed. Indeed she knew more about the place than the staff did. Morellis represents sheer indulgence. You almost detect shoppers being lured over. As i sat tucking into the hugest knickerbockerglory you have ever seen i noticed i was getting looks from people. A kind of mix of disgust and jealousy. There is ample seating area if you want to eat in (the eat in menu is scrumpcious! They also do paninis too) and you can even buy the ice-cream in litres, though it’s almost £11 per litre. But if you’re having a special day/event, this is the ice-cream that should accompany it! There is one rule when you visit this place: forget that the word calories even exists.

TGI, Hagley Road, Birmingham

So let me be very honest with you I came here not looking to be impressed and to write a bit of a scathing review! Why? Well the last couple of visits have been less that satisfactory. In fact the last time I visited I walked out after I found the staff rude and very unhelpful. I have always felt that not enough attention is paid to the food. The times ive asked for a steak cooked rare and it has arrived well done. However lots has happened since my last visit. After a big fire, the restaurant has been totally refitted and.....drum roll the food and service has got lots better. I was served in record time, nothing was too much trouble. The rule is you have to leave negativity and stress at the door. on my visit last week i was surrounded by tables of people celebrating birthdays, anniversary and 16 year old Lisa who had just finished her last GCSE exam. If i could offer one piece of advice about this place is dont get carried away with your order. One course is fine. The amount of left over food that gets thrown away is painful. Starters are the size if main courses and by the time you finish them you will have no room left for the whopping main. My favourites here include Jack Daniels chicken wings and the spare ribs with a jacket potatoe is the perfect naughty but nice combination. If you are out for a real treat can I be very naughty and suggest a oreo flavoured milkshake. Simply it is divine.