My First Licence

25 July 2010, 08:50 | Updated: 27 June 2017, 12:25

Running alongside the Honda Ron Haslam Race School, Honda’s My First Licence gives kids (from toddler upwards) a first taste of riding a motorbike. Here’s a very small video taster that I shot when my boys did their first licence last year (Note that My First Licence runs at Silverstone this year NOT Donington!)…

Yes, Kel and I are bikers and the kids love riding pillion but I know they’d dearly LOVE to ride their own machines. If the thought fills you with horror then don’t worry - the My First Licence experience is completely safe and totally free!

The right kit is as essential at 5mph as it is at 155mph so My First Licence starts in the kit room. Armoured jacket, pads, gloves and a helmet for protection and then the kids take to the course for some one on one instruction. As the kids circumnavigate a well laid out track around the Silverstone infield Honda staff are on hand to keep a watchful eye on things and running alongside the kids on a motorbike certainly gives them their exercise. After the experience the little ones get to take their very first driving licence away with them and it’s a great keepsake.

Good work kids! And good work Honda, too. A friendly, informative and educational session leaves little chests puffed out like pigeons. It’s fantastic that My First Licence is completely free too!

Of course after the little ones you can always nip over to the track and watch the big ones in proper action on the Honda Ron Haslam Race School. Worth noting too that you don’t need a bike licence for this and just knowledge of a geared bike will get you out. Bike and all kit provided.

My First Licence runs alongside the Ron Haslam Race School at Silverstone on Wednesday 28th July, Monday 2nd August, Tuesday 10th August, Tuesday 17th August and Wednesday 25th August. It’s free but very popular so it’s best to book.

Contact the Haslam Race School on 01332 883323 or e-mail
There are more details at

Suddenly the summer holidays don’t seem so long!!