A303 Should Be Tunnelled By Stonehenge

27 November 2014, 15:53 | Updated: 28 November 2014, 11:35

The National Trust and English Heritage are telling Heart it wants to see a 2.9km tunnel built by Stonehenge to take the traffic underground.

Both the conservation charities were approached by the Government for advice on the best option for the World Heritage site.

They've suggested two possible options with a 2.5km and 2.9km tunnel that would be bored under the landscape.

They say it'll open up the other two thirds of the site which nobody can really get to at the moment because people would need to cross the busy and dangerous A303 to get to it.

The pair also say tunnelling, not dualling, will make the landscape better for wildlife and reduce the noise making the area more tranquil for visitors.

The National Trust and English Heritage both say the way the A303 is at the moment is 'highly detrimental' to the Stonehenge World Heritage Site.

It's anticipated the chancellor George Osborne will announce some sort of funding in his autumn statement.

The joint suggestions of an entry and exit portal are above.

At the public inquiry in 2004 the original plan to tunnel suggested to have portals at point D from the East and point C from the West.

Now, both English Heritage and the National Trust say point E is a more suitable option from the East, and point B, A2 or A1 would be better suited to the lay of the land.