Do You Know This Man In Swindon?

2 January 2015, 07:21

Wiltshire Police say they have identified an injured man thanks to a public appeal on social media.

The man was seriously injured after he was believed to jump from the car park in Princes Street, New Town Swindon on New Year's Eve. 

Officers released the man's picture, caught on CCTV before the incident, and a picture of the key fob that he was carrying in the hope that someone would recognise him and assist police in finding his family and friends. 

As a direct result of the public's engagement on social media, police were contacted by a friend of the man, aged in his 20's, and they have been able to identify him and his home address. 

They are currently in the process of trying to reach his family and any other friends as the man is in a serious condition in hospital. 

The incident occurred at around 2pm on Wednesday afternoon. Police and Ambulance attended the scene and although police did manage to speak to the man he then is believed to have jumped from the car park sustaining serious injuries to his head. 

He was taken to Great Western Hospital but was later transferred to Southmead Hospital. He continues to be in a serious condition. 

A Wiltshire Police spokesperson said: "We are extremely grateful to the public who shared this man's pictures and enabled us to identify him. It shows how through social media, people can pull together to help someone. This man is in a very serious condition in hospital and we wanted to urgently get hold of his family and friends so that they could be with him. A friend recognised the picture and we are in the process of finding his family. At this early stage it does appear that he is from overseas so it may take us longer to reach his family but we are doing everything we can to reach them."