Grittleton: Kids Recreate Dramatic Shot

13 January 2015, 12:16 | Updated: 13 January 2015, 13:27

A Wiltshire school has recreated one of the most famous photographs in the world, replacing the New York skyline with a photoshop backdrop, and the weather-beaten workers with fresh-faced infants.

Perched on a wooden PE bench 840ft above the streets of the Big Apple are a group of children from Grittleton House School, an independent school near Chippenham. 

The reimagined shot from the school's 2015 calendar harks back to the iconic black and white snap of men munching and lunching during the construction of the RCA Building at the Rockefeller Centre in 1932. 

Teachers spent a busy Saturday morning also recreating other scenes from film, music, art and literature, including Superman, Harry Potter, Mary Poppins, Oliver, Hamlet and The Beatles. 

But the children at Grittleton are no strangers to drama. They recently took part in the annual Mid-Somerset Festival in Bath, where they won the Winners' Cup for the fourth straight year. 

The Grittleton Skyscraper Kids are (in alphabetical order): 

Alexander, Dakota, Euan, Felix, Georgina, Hugo, Lauren, Ophelia, Scott, Teddy, Teghbir, Tom, and Zachary. 

Photo courtesy of Vanessa Shipp at Grittleton House School.