Help Westbury Man Stand At His Wedding

7 January 2015, 00:01

All that's between a Westbury man and his dream wedding is to be able to stand again.

Neil Martin woke up 8 years ago unable to walk because of a condition called Myotubular Myopothy. 

He is one of only seven people in the world to have this of a rare type of muscular dystrophy.

Now he's asking for help to fund a special wheelchair that can upright him on his wedding day so he can say his vows and have the first dance with his soon-to-be wife.

He's telling Heart "When we were dating we used to just put the slow records on, the love song and just dance to them. So it's something we'd always done and something I now miss."

Neil was inspired after seeing a American army veteran hoisted up for his first dance at his wedding last year and to think that could be him he says:

"Its going to be absolutely magical again, I've got tears in my eyes just thinking about it... I can't describe how I am going to feel but I know it's just going to be a special moment"

The standing frame manual wheelchair Neil wants cannot be funded by the NHS, so with the help of his daughter he's set up a crowd funding page to fund the £15,000 chair before his wedding on the 1st August at All Saints Church in Westbury.

This is how the chair Neil wants would work.

Click Here to visit Neil's donation page and find out more about his condition.