Melksham: Community Campus Plans On Show

17 November 2013, 09:04

Melksham canals

Plans are on show for a new community campus in Melksham.

Following 18 months of developing designs, the plans are being shown at a series of pre-planning consultation roadshows. 

The Melksham Campus is expected to contain a number of key community facilities and services including an on-site health practice, cafe, indoor bowls rink, sports hall, swimming pool and library. 

Over the coming weeks, as part of the pre-planning consultation, the COB and design team will also be arranging to speak with people who are currently based at the site, resident groups and Melksham Oak School about the proposals. 

It is expected the planning application for the Melksham community campus will be submitted in December. 

The roadshows are taking place at the following locations and people are being encouraged to turn up and find out more: 

Melksham House - 18 November 2013, 9am-12pm

Assembly Hall, prior to Film Show viewing - 18 November 2013, 1pm-2pm 

Melksham House - 18 November 2013, 4pm-7pm 

Christie Miller Leisure Centre - 20 November 2013, 4pm-8pm 

Christie Miller Leisure Centre 25 November 2013, 9am-12pm 

The plans will also be taken around the community area using the Mobile Library and will stop off at locations throughout the community area:

Seend, The Lye - 18 November 2013, 9.35am 

Seend Cleeve, Telephone Box - 18 November 2013, 10am 

Kevil Stocks Green - 18 November 2013, 10.30am

 Bulkington, The Well Pub - 18 November 2013, 10.55am 

Poulshot, The Raven Pub - 18 November 2013, 11.35am 

Semington, Little Marsh - 22 November 2013, 9.30am 

Semington, Village Hall - 22 November 2013, 9.50am 

Semington, The Strand- 22 November 2013, 10.15am 

Steeple Ashton, The Long Arms Pub - 22 November 2013, 10.50am

 Atworth, Mead Park - 26 November 2013, 9.30am 

Broughton Gifford, The Fox Pub - 26 November 2013, 10.15am 

Lacock - High Street- 26 November 2013, 1.45pm