Wiltshire: Tour Of Britain Timings and Road Closures

22 July 2014, 19:44 | Updated: 9 September 2014, 12:49

Wiltshire will host Stage Six of cycling's Tour of Britain - and now we know exactly when and where to stand to see the hottest competition on two wheels.

More than 100 of the world's top cyclists will be racing at speed through towns like Bradford-on-Avon, Trowbridge, Devizes and Pewsey as part of a 67.5km (42-mile) route through the county on September 12th. 

It forms just a fraction of the 205.7km (127.8-mile) Stage Six, which in fact begins at Bath's Royal Crescent and ends in Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire. 

Wiltshire Council says riders will arrive in the county at Lower Stoke at around 10.40am, taking the B3108 to Bradford-on-Avon. 

From there, the peloton will use the A363 to Trowbridge, arriving on the outskirts of the county town around 10.55am. 

Bradford Road, Stallard Street and Bythesea Road will be closed as the cyclists speed through the town centre and onto Hilperton at around 11am. 

Next, riders will zip through Semington and Seend on the A361 before reaching Devizes at 11.20am. 

From there, it's on to Pewsey for 11.50am via the A342 and A345, before the race drifts towards the county boundary using the B3087 and  A338. 

Jane Scott, leader of Wiltshire Council said: 

"This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the county of Wiltshire to a global audience and we are delighted to host Stage 6 of the tour. 

"Since 2012, we have recognised the benefits of building a legacy in Wiltshire and we promote a number of beautiful cycling routes across Wiltshire for local communities and visitors to enjoy. 

"We want to continue to boost the local economy and have a host of activities that encourage people to get more active and improve their health and wellbeing. 

"I hope this major event will see communities getting involved, like they did when we welcomed the Olympic Torch in 2012, and that they will take the opportunity to showcase what makes them unique. 

"We hope that school children and local people will line the streets and show their support for the cyclists as they pass through our county.” 


So when and where should you stand?


11.42  B3108 Lower Stoke before heading along the B3108 Winsley Hill and Winsley Road. 

10.51  Bradford on Avon: A363 Masons Lane, Silver Street and St Margaret's Street before heading out of town along the A363 Trowbridge Road and through Widbrock Hill, Trowle and Cockhill. 

10.57  Trowbridge: A363 Bradford Road, Stallard Street and Bythesea Road before the A361 County Way and Hilperton Road and then B3105 Trowbridge Road. 

11.02  Hilperton: Devizes Road and A361 Trowbridge Road. 

11.14  Seend: A361 High Street, Seend Hill and Caen Hill. 

11.23   Devizes: A361 Bath Road, New Park Street, Gains Lane before A341 Nursteed Road and A342 Monument Hill, Andover Road in          Chirton, Pewsey Road in Charlton and Rushall Road. 

11.52  Pewsey: A345 Salisbury Road and Church Street before out of town along the B3087 High Street, Milton Road and Burbage Road. 

12.03  A338 Grafton Road, Piccadilly (Morten) and into West Berkshire. 


When will roads be closed? 

Road closures will start from 10.20am on the B3108 at Lower Stoke stretching as far as Bradford on Avon where the A363 Masons Lane, Silver Street and St Margaret's Street will be shut from around 10.30am. 

As the race heads for Trowbridge the rolling closures ahead of the peloton will see the A363 Trowbridge Road shut from 10.35am as it passes through Widbrook and Trowle. 

Bradford Road, Stallard Street and Bythesea Road will close from around 10.40am. 

The main A361 will be closed from 10.55am as the riders pass Seend on their way to Devizes. 

Bath Road, New Park Street and Gains Lane in Devizes will be shut from around 11.05am.

As the race leaves Devizes and into the Vale of Pewsey, the A342 will be closed from around 11.10am and the A345 from 11.25am.

Finally, as the peloton races through Pewsey, Salisbury Road and Church Street will be closed from around 11.30am before the Tour of Britain leaves Wiltshire, shutting the A338 for a time. 

Tour of Britain organisers said roads would be opened again as soon as was possible after the racers and their support vehicles had passed through. The last of the counties roads should be reopened by around 12.40pm.