Swindon: Collective Switching Scheme

6 June 2014, 09:40

gas hob

Time is running out to register interest in Swindon's latest collective switching scheme, which could shave pounds off people's energy bills.

Registration closes on Monday, 9th June and so far more than 11,000 people are participating overall in the scheme, involving councils across the country, to see how much they could save. 

To join in simply go online here.

This is the third scheme which Swindon has been part of and last time 88% of Swindon residents stood to save an average of £172 a year on their bills. 

Linda Nicholle, a 62-year-old carer from Stratton, switched with the scheme and certainly hasn't looked back. She said: ''It pays to shop around for everything these days and I've switched my energy provider quite a few times already. But after reading about it, I decided to give it another go and am glad I did now. There weren't any complicated forms to fill in, I just went online and it was all done for me. 

''I'm saving about a tenner a month, which is more money in my pocket and means I'm not paying through the nose for things. I've told my sisters about it too, as everyone is facing higher bills these days and you've got to keep a close eye on things to find the best deal.'' 

Using people power to cut prices, the scheme works by using the combined buying power of residents from the Borough and across the country to negotiate cheaper tariffs with energy companies. 

Rather than switching provider as an individual, residents register to switch and save as a large group all at the same time to achieve economies of scale. 

It's quick, easy and, most importantly, you're under no obligation to accept the offer. 

Anyone without internet access can also join in by visiting the Council's One Stop Shop on Beckhampton Street or calling: (01793) 445500. 

After registration closes energy providers then compete in a 'reverse auction' process, meaning those with the cheapest tariffs are selected and will contact registrants with their proposed new deal. 

The Customer, who is under no obligation, then decides whether they want to switch supplier for electricity or gas, or both. People don't need to live in the Borough to take part, so residents can spread the word to family and friends across the country. The more people who register, the greater the potential savings.