Wiltshire Council Alcohol Survey

21 August 2014, 11:39 | Updated: 21 August 2014, 12:02

Drinkers in the Wiltshire Council area are being asked to confess their drinking habits in a new online survey.

Wiltshire Council says its Big Drink Debate will help the local authority understand how much people consume, so it can provide services to better help those who are overdoing it.

The council's Acting Consultant on Public Health, Tracy Daszkiewcz, told Heart: 

"We've got about 4,200 people aged 18 to 75 who we would class as dependent on alcohol.

''We're seeing an increase in people at higher risk, so we want to put in the best interventions we can to ensure people are well supported. 

The questions will delve into when and how people drink, whether it is with friends at the pub, during meals, or alone - and where they buy their tipples of choice. 

Users of the questionnaire will be also be asked about how much alcohol is in certain products, and who to approach about alcohol dependency.

Wiltshire Council Corporate Director, Maggie Rae, said: 

''We know that excessive drinking causes many problems in our communities. 

''We want to find out people's views on ways of reducing harmful drinking to help inform a new strategy for tackling problems associated with alcohol.''

The Council is also providing paper copies of the Big Drink Debate survey at libraries, council-run leisure centres, County Hall, and the council building on Milford Street. 

See the online version by clicking here