Adam Ball

Adam Ball presents Heart Drivetime each weekday afternoon from 4pm till 7pm! You can also join him Sunday morning's on Heart from 8am!

We grabbed Sixty Seconds with Adam……

Hi Adam, so, the first thing we noticed about you….is your height!

I know, even sat down I tower above everyone!! I sleep in a grow bag.

Does that give you any advantages??

I tend to get served first in the pub, and I am always being asked to get things off the top shelves in supermarkets by old ladies…

We did some research and understand you were once  “Head of Cleansing in Domestic Engineering” …..Explain…….

I was once employed as a “washer upper” when I was 15… after that, the first thing I did when I moved out of home was buy a dishwasher!!!

Could you draw one of your workmates??

I’m rubbish with arty things, but I play lots of instruments - Piano, Guitar, Drums, and I sing (have done since I was 6) I write lots of music too….

What was your first ever song that you played on air?

I remember playing “The Mavericks – dance the night away” and the Cardigans “Love fool” as my first 2 songs.

What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

My favourite is Mint Choc Chip… yummmm!

Who is the nicest celebrity you have ever interviewed?

The nicest would have to be Robbie Williams, we shared a few jokes and he even got me a drink!!! The worst was Noel Gallagher, he told me to “go away” in his own unique way….!