10-year-olds warned about gangs

Children as young as 10 will be shown the reality of what can happen if they join a gang because police think they're being exposed to them at younger and younger ages.

Year 6 pupils across Liverpool will all see a special play called "Terriers" that has been commissioned by Merseyside Police.

It follows a gang member who is murdered and then tries to stop others suffering the same fate.

Previously the play has only been shown in secondary schools but police think the change is necessary.

Alison Foulkes from Merseyside Police said:

"We are trying to warn them of the consequences of getting involved in gang behaviour.

"We know that some young people have older siblings who are already involved in gun crime and what we don't want is for them to follow in their footsteps and align themselves to gangs.

Police have made it clear they don't believe 10-year-olds are being recruited to gangs, but hope this will help them to make a better choice later in life.

Alison Foulkes added:

"It's about trying to give them the tools now to be able to make the right life choices later on.

"The wider the audience we can get this across to the more likely we are to prevent some vulnerable young people being involved in events that they can't control."