1500 jobs to go at Liverpool Council

Council workers in Liverpool have been told one in six of them are at risk of redundancy.

The Council has announced 1500 job cuts as it deals with a huge drop in budget from the Government.

It said it could not rule out compulsory redundancies as it seeks to make £141 million of savings by 2013.

Unions have reacted furiously to the news.

Dave Prentis, general secretary of Unison, said:

"These cuts are more bad news for people in Liverpool.

"Liverpool cannot afford to lose so many jobs. The impact on the city and on the workforce will be devastating.

"How many more jobs have to go and people's lives ruined before this Government wakes up to the fact that there is an alternative, a better way and fairer way?"

A Department for Communities and Local Government spokesman said:

"The Government has delivered a tough but fair settlement ensuring the most vulnerable communities were protected.

"If councils share back office services, join forces to procure, cut out the non-jobs and root out the over-spends then they can protect frontline services.

"Driving down the nation's deficit is the Government's biggest priority but we have made sure that extra money, powers and funding freedoms are available to protect frontline services and the public from council tax rises offering real help to hard- working families and pensioners."